Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cheers Jack from Cheers Bud.

My favourite song from my favourite White Stripes record. I love this band and I'm glad they broke up and saved their legacy from a shitty 7th album. Really hoping for an early singles / bsides and outtakes comp LP sometime soon, so many awesome early songs unavailable... Here's another good one featuring some incredible guitar heroics by Mr. Gillis.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fuck dis twack up Redcap... Two new old songs by T54.

Here are some old songs done new style from our recent 3 way with Lost Rockets and High Society from January's gig in Auckland. Sams just aquired a pretty sick recording setup which we used to record these. Things get pretty crazy here, I drank a whole bottle of soda pop myself that night....

You should also check out Lost Rockets and High Society... Both awesome bands. I couldn't find any link for HS but hopefully they'll have something up soon.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Good morning, Captain.

Without giving away too many of my secrets I am starting one of these more or less for consolidation. Anyone who is slightly ocd will know how annoying it is having too many things all over the place doing kinda the same thing. I'm gonna be honest straight away and tell my readers I am not really a writer, so some of this will come across sounding rather amateur and teenage but it will be fun for me. Suck my dick.

If you haven't heard T54 yet you can do so by clicking the big picture of the robot down below which will take you to our Bandcamp. On the right hand side is our record label Gold Sounds' website, in Feb 2011 there isn't a lot on there but as things progress more shit will be shit shit shit shit shit.

O it's nice to have complete control.